Get a Smoother Ride in Lansing, Michigan

Get a Smoother Ride in Lansing, Michigan

Come to us for axle repair or axle replacement services

Trouble with your car’s steering system? It could be your axles. If you suspect you’re in need of axle repair, bring your vehicle to Lake Lansing Road Mobil Service, Inc. for an inspection. Your car’s axles are just as important to its function as its brakes. Our knowledgeable technicians will take a look at your car’s axles to make sure they are operating efficiently and effectively. If we find any damaged components, we’ll determine if a simple repair is enough to get your car back on track or if your axles need to be replaced.

Bring your car in to Lake Lansing Road Mobil Service for immediate axle repair or replacement services.

Need Axle Repair?

Know the signs of an axle in need of repair

Your axles may not immediately come to mind when your car starts having trouble turning, but they need to be tended to in order to keep your car running smoothly. Lansing, MI’s Lake Lansing Road Mobil Service can repair or replace axles in need if you notice:

  • You’re having trouble turning your car
  • Your car is suddenly shaking excessively
  • Your tire has grease on it from a leaking CV joint

If your car is displaying any of the above symptoms, immediately reach out to Lake Lansing Road Mobil Service. We’ll get it fixed up in no time!