How Do You Know If Your Car Battery Is Dead?

How Do You Know If Your Car Battery Is Dead?

Get your battery replaced in the Lansing, Michigan area

Do you suspect your car’s battery is dead or dying? Here are a few signs:

  1. There’s a whining sound when you attempt to start the car.
  2. Jump-starting your car works great – until you turn the car off!
  3. Sometimes your car starts, sometimes it doesn’t.

If your car or truck’s battery is causing you problems, visit the friendly mechanics at Lake Lansing Road Mobil.

Get your car battery tested in Lansing, Michigan

Are you dying to know whether or not your car’s battery is the problem? Bring your vehicle – or just the battery itself – to Lake Lansing Road Mobil. Our mechanics will test the battery and tell you what’s going on.

If necessary, we can switch out your dead battery with a top-tier replacement from Interstate. We’ll have you driving again in no time. Contact us today with any questions.