Car Wash

Find a Car Wash in Lansing, Michigan

Make your car or truck shine like new

Is your car dirty, grimy, smudged or muddy? Help your vehicle look its best when you’re out on the road – cruise to Lake Lansing Road Mobil today. We have a touch-free car wash with four wash options:

  • Express
  • Deluxe
  • Premium
  • The Works

You’ll save $.25 on every gallon of gas with any car wash purchase. Stop by today.

Why get your car washed today?

What’s the big rush to get your car washed in the Lansing, Michigan area? Here are three reasons to hurry on over to Lake Lansing Road Mobil:

  1. Your car’s paint could become damaged by road salt or muddy build up.
  2. Keeping your car’s exterior waxed will prevent ugly stains and smudges.
  3. Clean windows and headlights are important for visibility.
Visit our gas station to give your car a fresh start.