Car Electrical System Diagnotics & Repair

As automobiles have become more advanced, most people have begun to realize just how much of your car is controlled by some type of electrical component. From batteries and starters to sensors and computer-controls, Lake Lansing Road Mobil Service is equipped to diagnose and repair your electrical issues.

When the “check engine” light comes on, swing by Lake Lansing Road Mobil Service where we’re happy to check to see what code is causing the light to come on.

We repair all types of car electrical system malfunctions including:

  • Starter, alternator, solenoid
  • Computer controls and sensors
  • Power windows, doors and locks
  • Electrical wiring and fuses
  • Power steering
  • Heat & AC controls
  • Instruments and gauges
  • Lighting systems
  • Cruise control
  • Batteries and cables

For faster service, call us today to schedule an appointment at (517) 484-2300.